Thanksgiving 2011 Nick of Thyme Order Form

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Complete Thanksgiving Meal

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Brown Sugar Cured

Citrus Glazed

Cancel Turkey
Gravy/Sauce Giblet Gravy Cherry Sauce Cancel Gravy/Sauce

Cold Salad

Cranberry Port Wine


Cancel Cold Salad


Holiday Sage

Southwest Cornbread

Cancel Stuffing

(Choose one)

Meatless Holiday Sage

Meatless Southwest Cornbread


Butternut Squash

Haricot Vert w/Mushrooms

Cancel Vegetable


Redskin Smashed

Bourbon Sweet Potato

Cancel Potato


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Cran-Raspberry Tart

Cancel Dessert



Brown Sugar Cured Turkey

Sauces and Gravies



# of Pints (ex: 1, 3, 7)

Whole Turkey

Cherry Sauce with Marsala and Rosemary

Whole Turkey Breast

Giblet Gravy

Turkey Breast



Cancel Brown Sugar Cured Turkey    


Hot Side Dishes


# Pounds   (ex: 1, 3, 7) 

Redskin Smashed Potatoes

Bourbon Sweet Potato Mash

Roasted Butternut Squash

Haricot Vert and Wild Mushroom Casserole

Creamed Baby Spinach

Roasted Brussell Sprouts w/Bacon

# Pounds   Holiday Sage Stuffing

# Pounds Holiday Sage Stuffing w/o Sausage

# Pounds   Southwest Cornbread Stuffing

# Pounds Southwest Cornbread Stuffing w/o Bacon


Cold Salads


# of Pounds   (ex: 1, 3, 7)

Cranberry Port Wine Salad with Pineapple and Walnuts

Ambrosia Salad


Whole Cognac Pumpkin Cheesecake

Cran-Raspberry Tart 


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